This replica of the mitical 550 spyder, built in 1955, imortalized by James Dean, has the aim to respect the originality using the same philosophy as the original one.
A very light car, aprox. 640 Kg, with a very balanced chassis .It has a four cylinder Audi VW 2.0 liter engine in central position, liquid cooled , fed by a double Weber carburetor and developing about 120 bhp.
The 550 spyder has the same power  to weight ratio of a Porsche Boxster S, 5.3 Kg/ bhp
The 550 Spyder is equiped with four 260 mm disc brakes.
A cover tonneau is available with the car.
A six pages Test in the prestigious French Magazine Sport Auto said," the 550 spyder can put the lath high to some of the modern sports cars ...".
This test is available by fax or e mail if required.