Launched in 1964, the Ford Mustang soon became an icon for the new generation, being produced with several engine capacities , bodies and options.
This 1965 Fastback was originally a road car  fitted with the very desirable GT Package, (V8 Engine, Manual gearbox, Detroit locker, Disc brakes, Front and rear fiberglass hoods, Koni shockabsorbers , Monte Carlo bar etc), which later on was race prepared , participating in several races in Europe, Nurburgring, Spa. Francorchamps, Valência ... Recently a new engine was built ,no expenses spared :
-Forged steel H-beam connecting rods, forged high-compression pistons.
-Big valves.
-Crane springs, roller rockers, chromemoly pushrods and cam.
-Edelbrock high-volume water pump, high-volume high-pressure oil pump, Milodon large pan.
-Edelbrock Victor Jr manifold, Demon 750 cfm (mechanical) carb, Mallory ignition.
-Upgraded suspensions, new Konis.
-Wilwood brake Calipers and hubs, Detroit Locker LSD, Richmond gears etc.etc.etc.  

Available with the car is a huge amount of spare parts, cams, carb, several different final-drive sets, 4 sets of wheels and tires ... too much to list. A standard engine can also be available with the car.
This 1965 Mustang Fastback is road registered.